Who can benefit from Same Day Dentist?

Joel L Strom DDS MS 1024x544
Plenty of people.
One group that especially comes to mind is patients who reside in assisted living facilities.
Many times these residents have a difficult time getting to and from the dentist.
Some facilities have vans on site which can transport patients effectively and safely.
Other patients struggle to be in for financial or physical issues.
When a patient can go to the dentist and get her veneers, Night Guards and other work done in the same visit, the stress and inconvenience factors go way down.
Sometimes, we can even restore dental implants on the same day.
So, if you know someone who cannot get themselves to the dental office, or has physical limitations which make it all the more difficult to get to our Beverly Hills office, please let them know that there just might be a same day dentist nearby.
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