Main reasons for Teeth whitening in Beverly Hills

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening Beverly Hills is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that is used in lightening the color of discolored or stained teeth. Teeth whitening is the most commonly used procedure in cosmetic dentistry. The procedure can significantly improve and enhance the appearance of the teeth and the smile. Teeth whitening is not a complicated procedure, and almost every other dentist can competently perform the procedure. The whitening of teeth is a continuous procedure that will need to be repeated time and again to maintain the desired color.

How teeth color is determined

The color of teeth that appears when the dentin color determines an individual smile in combination with the reflection of light on the enamel above it. An individual’s genes determine the enamel smoothness and thickness. The light reflection on the enamel is determined by the roughness or smoothness of the enamel. The thinner the enamel, the more the dentin color will be seen and vice versa. The pellicle which is a thin coating that occurs on the enamel on a daily basis is responsible for picking up stains. The enamel also has pores that have the capability of picking up stains.

Main reasons for teeth staining

The main reasons why an individual’s teeth might become stained are the frequent use of tobacco, failure to practice good oral hygiene, aging, intake of dark-colored beverages like red wine, coffee, cola, and tea. The process of teeth whitening is hugely useful when the staining is extrinsic meaning the stains are on the upper surface of the teeth.

Staining can also occur in the inner part of the teeth. This type of stains is referred to as the intrinsic stains. Intrinsic stains are mainly as a result of the teeth being exposed to excess fluoride in the early years when the teeth are developing. The Tetracycline antibiotics are also known to cause this type of staining in teeth if a pregnant woman takes them during the second trimester or children less than eight years old take them.  This is because at this stage the teeth are still in the process of developing. The occurrence of trauma might also result in darkened teeth.

Preparation before teeth whitening

Teeth whitening success can be affected by the presence of other dental conditions like the presence of cavities. For teeth whitening to occur the cavities will need to be treated before the teeth whitening. The bleaching agents can go to the decayed teeth then penetrate the tooth’s inner parts which might negatively affect the roots and gums. Exposure of the gums and roots to the bleaching agents might cause them to become discolored or become yellow. The teeth whitening products will not have a whitening effect on the gums and the roots.

Teeth whitening Beverly Hills causes teeth sensitivity in individuals who have receding gums or decayed teeth. The teeth whitening process is active on natural teeth and will not work on dental veneers, ceramic or porcelain crowns. These and other factors have to be put into consideration by the dentists at the Storm and associates as they prepare your teeth for whitening.

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