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Oral health is a sensitive issue in the U.S. that has health and social repercussions. This is crystal clear from the recorded increase in dental procedures performed from 516 million to 548 million between 1999 and 2009. A recent study conducted in 2015 found that 14% of Americans reduced social interactions because of the state of their teeth or mouth.

Luckily, most oral health problems can be treated by a professional Beverly Hills dentist who is conversant with common dental procedures. Dental services such as teeth whitening, dentures, and implants, Invisalign treatment, sleep apnea treatment, orthodontic, cosmetic and pediatric dentistry are offered by Strom and Associates, a reputable dentist office in Beverly Hills. Here are some of the high-quality procedures performed at the location;

Endodontic treatment

Endodontic treatment refers to a root canal procedure that is carried out to prevent further damage that could lead to tooth extraction. A root canal is needed when the tooth is severely damaged or when the tooth pulp gets infected. The tooth pulp is a bundle of nerve tissue and blood vessels that can get exposed to bacteria following enamel erosion from dental cavities or severe trauma. Symptoms of an infected tooth pulp include tooth sensitivity to heat or cold, yellow shade on the infected tooth and swelling or small cysts on the surrounding gum tissue. In the procedure, the damaged tooth pulp is removed under anesthesia, and the tooth is cleaned and filled.  

Sleep apnea treatment

In the U.S. roughly 80 million people snore, and 12 million suffer from sleep apnea. Occasional snoring is common and harmless since it is caused by the vibration of the uvula and the soft palate when the airway is obstructed. Obstruction of the airway can be caused by some factors including a deviated septum, allergies, large tonsils and being overweight. However, profoundly snoring every night could be a symptom of sleep apnea, a more sinister problem in itself. Individuals who have sleep apnea have interrupted breathing more than 100 times when asleep, sometimes for more than a minute at a time.

This dramatically increases the chance of heart disease and high blood pressure. Consulting a Beverly Hills dentist will help in the treatment of sleep apnea through either continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy or oral appliance therapy. CPAP, although useful is uncomfortable for people who don’t like sleeping with a mask on. Oral appliances are small devices that resemble mouth guards and are worn while sleeping to keep the airway open.

Teeth whitening

Any Beverly Hills dentist can attest to the popularity of teeth whitening procedures in the area. Teeth whitening is the process of changing the shade of the tooth without stripping off the enamel surface. Due to its popularity, there is a myriad of whitening procedures including home whitening kits, whitening strips, gels and toothpaste, and in-office bleaching. Strom and Associates perform in-office whitening that produces stunning results within two to three procedures.

Since in-office teeth whitening uses a more concentrated bleaching solution, a rubber dam is used to protect the gum. This type of whitening lightens the teeth color by several shades and lasts longer than home kits.

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