Teeth Whitening Beverly Hills

Teeth whitening, sometimes referred to as tooth bleaching, is an effective, non-invasive way to lighten most patient’s teeth.  

We do this in the office, or you can do it at home!

An in-office whitening visit involves a 90 minute appointment.  

We isolate your teeth from your soft tissue to help us avoid the very concentrated bleach from touching your tissue.  

We apply the materials for 4 intervals at about 15 minutes each time.

It is important that you refrain from having dark beverages for a few days after your appointment.

Most patients who do the in-office bleaching return every year or two to re-bleach.

Take-home bleaching involves two appointments.

During the first, we take quick impressions and create soft plastic trays into which you will place a less concentrated bleach.  

On the second visit, we will deliver the trays and show you how to use them.

Patients generally only need to purchase a refill kit and can keep the trays for year.

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