350 S. Beverly Drive, Ste. 180, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

350 S. Beverly Drive, Ste. 180, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Smile makeovers Beverly Hills

Smile makeovers Beverly Hills is the processes and dental procedures that are used to enhance the appearance of the smile and teeth. The smile makeover can be achieved through the use of employing a single or a combination of several cosmetic dentistry procedures. The main cosmetic dentistry procedures used are composite bonding, teeth whitening, dental veneers, and tooth implants. When considering the smile makeover several factors have to be put into consideration such as the color of the hair, the appearance of the face, the lips, the gum tissue, the teeth length, teeth shape, teeth width, and teeth color. The process of altering the teeth and smile appearance is personalized depending on aspects such as the individual’s unique features. The primary purpose of the smile makeover at the Storm and Associates is to alter the factors of your smile that you dislike.

Tooth Colour

To alter the color of teeth, various cosmetic dentistry methods can be used such as amalgam or silver dental fillings. The filling is done using composite replacements that have a color similar to that of natural teeth. Alternatively, various teeth whitening procedures can be used to bleach the stained or discolored teeth hence enhancing their appearance. The tooth color is a very essential aspect that should be considered in all cosmetic dentistry procedures to select the most appropriate dental implants, bridges, dental veneers, composite bonding, and crowns. Proper picking of the color is essential since many people consider discolored or dark teeth to be foraged teeth. A perfect smile makeover Beverly Hills consists of a set of teeth that are appropriately shaped, white, bright and youthful looking. The cosmetic dentists are well skilled to select an ideal tooth color for you that is white and bright while at the same time ensuring that resembles the teeth’s original color.

Alignment and Spacing

The alignment of teeth is also a factor that needs to be evaluated. Smile makeovers can be used to alter the appearance of teeth that have gaps in between, crooked or are overlapping on one another. Cosmetic dentistry can be used to fill the gaps, align them properly and straighten them.

Missing Teeth

Teeth loss can significantly influence the appearance of your smile in a negative way. Normal functioning of the teeth such as chewing and biting can also be negatively affected. Missing teeth also significantly increase the chances of an individual getting teeth decay which makes it an essential part of dental health to replace lost teeth. Replacing the lost teeth does not only help in enhancing oral health but also in improving the facial appearance. Dental implants, partial dentures and bridges are the most common procedures that are used to replace missing teeth.

Harmony and Balance

When making a smile makeover harmony and balance have to be put under consideration. Aspects such as teeth that are cracked, uneven or chipped have to be rectified to enhance the appearance of the teeth as well as the smile. The contours of the face will also be significantly improved by maintaining balance and harmony in the dental formula.

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