350 S. Beverly Drive, Ste. 180, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

350 S. Beverly Drive, Ste. 180, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Sedation Dentistry Beverly Hills

Sedation dentistry is one of the contemporary forms of dentistry that is used to help reduce discomfort when undergoing dental sedation dentistryprocedures. Different people are affected differently by dental sessions, and for some, it is an experience they are opposed to most of the time.

Although you cannot force dental patients to love dental sessions, you can instead make them less traumatized by the experience. Sedation dentistry Beverly Hills is a form of dentistry that applies the use of relaxing medication to reduce discomfort during treatment.

A vast majority of individuals opt for this form of dentistry since it is more comfortable and you don’t have to feel anxious throughout the dental session. You can request for sedation dentistry in Beverly Hills from Strom and Klein Dental Associates. They offer brilliant dental services that can suit any dental issue.

Incidences where sedation dentistry is recommended

Sedation dentistry is most suitable for people who need dental treatment but have an intense fear of visiting the dentist. This procedure ensures that one can undergo treatment without feeling the slightest hint of discomfort.

Sedation dentistry Beverly Hills is also recommended for individuals who have a low pain threshold or in other words cannot stand a lot of pain. Since this may affect treatment, sedation is used before treatment.

People with a bad gag reflex are also viable for sedation dentistry. For surgically invasive treatment measures, the gag reflex can interfere with treatment and probably even cause accidents. If the dentist is planning on doing various dental procedures, sedation dentistry may be induced to reduce the discomfort from seating long hours at the dentist chair.

Levels of dental sedation

Sedation dentistry Beverly Hills can be done for any dental procedure from root canal therapy to tooth extraction. However, depending on the dental procedure being undertaken, the dentist will use a specific dosage of sedative medication that is suitable for the treatment. The least amount of sedation is minimal sedation. In this stage, one is still awake, but your body will be relaxed and less anxious. Pain will also be numbed meaning you won’t feel any pain.

The second level is moderate sedation. In this level of sedation, the dentist gives you just enough sedative medication to numb all pain. One may be partially conscious meaning you won’t remember the whole dental procedure.

The third level is deep sedation. Here, the dentist uses a lot of sedative medication such that you are relaxed and have to be woken when the procedure is done. Finally, there is general anesthesia which makes you completely unconscious.

 Can anyone get sedation dentistry?

Most dentists can perform sedation dentistry. However, for deep sedation and general anesthesia, professional dentists have to moderate the amount of sedation. This is mostly because these forms of sedation are recommended for surgical procedures. Dentists usually discourage use of sedation dentistry for obese people and people with sleep apnea.

This is due to possible muscle complications that may affect the patient’s state during dental treatment. You can contact Strom and Klein Dental Associates to know whether sedation is appropriate for you and if so the suitable level of sedation.

To learn more about Sedation Dentistry or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Klein or Dr. Strom, call us at 310.277.3451. For your convenience, you can use our online Request an Appointment form.

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350 S. Beverly Drive, Ste. 180 Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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