Sedation Beverly Hills

Generally, our doctors use local anesthesia to numb the area they would be working on. 

This type of anesthesia wears off in just a few hours.

For patients who experience mild discomfort and anxiety during dental visits, we offer Nitrous Oxide—or “laughing gas”—to use during your visit. 

You can expect to feel a bit like you are floating in a way that calms you down while you are fully conscious, making the experience easy and tolerable.

sedation dentistryImportantly, Nitrous Oxide wears of within a minute or two so no need for a driver or any other special accommodations.

For patients with special needs and severe dental phobias, we work with an experienced physician-anesthesiologist who can sedate you (some call this sleep dentistry) before and while undergoing dental treatment. 

In these instances, you will need a driver to bring you and pick you up from the office.  

This is a completely safe and, many times, popular way to do a lot of dentistry in one visit.

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