350 S. Beverly Drive, Ste. 180, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

350 S. Beverly Drive, Ste. 180, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Night Guard Beverly Hills

Do you usually wake up with an aching jaw or tooth? If so, you may be in need of a night guard Beverly Hills.

A night guard, also known as a mouth guard, is a dental appliance that is used to prevent injury or damage of the dental structure as you sleep. At Strom, Klein & Harkavydental clinic we provide night guards for issues with bruxism and teeth grinding.

You may be having a tooth-grinding condition but be unable to know that you do. It is essential to visit a dentist to know more about how you can prevent and treat teeth grinding.

When are night guards recommended?

Night guards Beverly Hills are usually used as you sleep. For people who brush their teeth a lot or are prone to biting their tongue or cheeks, night guards are the most effective treatment. A night guard is worn on top of the teeth to prevent them from closing together and damaging the teeth as you sleep.

Grinding teeth can cause other dental conditions like a temporomandibular joint disorder which will require further treatment. A night guard helps you protect your teeth from damage as you sleep hence avoiding the effects of bruxism.

Common signs of teeth grinding condition

Before getting night guards Beverly Hills fixed, you have to know the warning signs of bruxism. The most common sign of bruxism is a chronic facial, ear or jaw pain.

If you wake up with a painful jaw, it may be due to a bruxism condition. Another common sign is recurring headaches and migraines after waking up. Bruxism can also cause worn out teeth which later cause tooth sensitivity.

Since tooth grinding erodes the enamel, it can cause the tooth to become very sensitive to foods and other materials. Also, if you find that you have some cuts at the sides of the tongue and on the inside of the cheeks, it may be due to a teeth-grinding condition. You can give us a visit at Strom, Klein & Harkavydental clinic for alternative treatments of teeth grinding.

What to expect when having night guards

Night guards Beverly Hills are very comfortable and don’t cause any discomfort as you wear them. At Strom, Klein & Harkavydental clinic, we design the night guard to fit your teeth perfectly with no space for movement.

This makes them comfortable and easy to use. This also means that you won’t have any difficulty getting sleep after getting a night guard. Since the night guard is made of a sturdy material, it cannot injure your mouth in any way. It is straightforward on the gums and the teeth.

If you experience any pain or uneasiness when wearing the night guard, you can contact our dentist to provide you with a more compatible and fitting night guard.

The dentist will also give you a comprehensive description of how the night guard is worn and how it should be removed and stored. For the best dental night guards for your teeth, you can consult our dentists at Strom, Klein & Harkavy.

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