350 S. Beverly Drive, Ste. 180, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

350 S. Beverly Drive, Ste. 180, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Dental implants Beverly Hills

Tooth replacement is a standard dental procedure in most dental clinics across the city. Most people are not familiar with the best forms of tooth replacement available making them settle for treatment options that are not suitable for them. At Strom, Klein & Harkavy dental clinic we offer multiple forms of dental implant treatment including dental implants.

Dental implants Beverly Hills are very convenient for tooth replacement since they offer a permanent solution, unlike most tooth replacement options. For the top dental implant treatment in the city, you can visit us at Strom, Klein & Harkavy. Below are some of the benefits of having dental implants as opposed to other tooth replacement options.


Dental implants Beverly Hills have a very long lifespan and depending on the type used can last up to a lifetime. When getting dental implants fitted, our oral surgeon first induces you with dental anesthesia to reduce pain during the procedure. The dental implant is usually fitted inside the jawbone where it cannot dislodge or dismount. After the bone heals, the implant becomes fixed into the jaw structure making it unmovable. This ensures that the tooth remains firm and functional.

No cavities

Cavities and tooth decay normally affect the tooth enamel due to its constituent elements. For dental implants, there is no enamel making it invincible to cavities and tooth decay. At Strom, Klein & Harkavy, we provide dental crowns that are resistant to cavities and other infections that may damage normal teeth.

This makes dental implant Beverly Hills very convenient for tooth replacement. Depending on the dental crown you choose for your tooth replacement, we can provide a permanent solution for your missing tooth. However although dental implants do not get cavities, we recommend that you take regular dental hygiene to prevent gum infections.

No stains

 At Strom, Klein & Harkavy dental clinic we provide dental crowns that are resistant to stains caused by different materials from smoking to coffee stains. Some beverages usually cause the tooth enamel to stain making the teeth look unattractive. Some of these stains may be strong causing the tooth to remain stained or discolored.

For dental implants, you don’t have to worry about stains on your teeth. Porcelain dental crowns are the best protection against stains and discoloring agents. These dental crowns are very white and can greatly improve your smile.


Dental implants are usually fixed surgically into the jawbone. When going for dental implant surgery, the oral surgeon ensures that your gum and jawbone are strong and healthy for the dental implant to be placed.

The surgeon after that drills a hole into the jawbone where the root of the dental implant is placed.

This is done to avoid any movement of the tooth as you chew or talk. Unlike other tooth replacement options like dentures, dental implants are permanently fitted making them act like normal teeth. People with dental implants don’t have to worry about their missing teeth since the dental implant looks exactly like a normal tooth.

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350 S. Beverly Drive, Ste. 180 Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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