350 S. Beverly Drive, Ste. 180, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

350 S. Beverly Drive, Ste. 180, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Bone Graft Beverly Hills

A regular dentist usually does most dental treatments. However, for some dental procedures that require dental surgery, only dental specialists are certified to perform such operations.

One of the most common dental procedures that our oral surgeons perform is bone graft surgery. A bone graft is a dental procedure where a piece of bone is replaced from one part of the body to the jaw bone. This is usually done to strengthen the dental structure for other dental treatments.

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When is a bone graft necessary?

A bone graft Beverly Hills is usually widespread in dental surgery. A bone graft is usually requested in dental implant surgery. Before getting dental implants fixed, our oral surgeon will first assess your dental structure to determine whether you are liable for dental implant treatment.

If you do not have a healthy jaw bone, the surgeon opts for a bone graft if other tooth replacement options are not suitable. The bone graft will help to strengthen the jawbone so that the dental implant can remain firmly attached to the dental structure.

The treatment procedure

Before getting a bone graft, our oral surgeon will first have to check your dental structure and assess any issues that you may have. A bone graft can either be done using a bone from another part of the body or using a special bone grafting material. The oral surgeon will choose the best option that is suitable for your dental issue.

During the bone graft, the oral surgeon first uses general anesthesia to eliminate pain during the procedure. The oral surgeon then removes the piece of bone from another part of the body and places it on the jawbone.

The procedure takes a while to fully heal before the treatment can continue. However, if the oral surgeon decides on a minor graft, he can continue with the dental implant surgery on the same day. After getting the dental implant, you can now enjoy your new smile with dental implants.

Maintenance after getting a bone graft

After getting a dental bone graft Beverly Hills, you may experience some discomfort especially if it wasn’t a minor bone graft. If you experience some pain after the procedure, we can recommend painkillers to reduce pain and discomfort. A bone graft may also need some maintenance as it heals and recovers into a strong jawbone. After getting the bone graft, our dentists advise that you should avoid brushing vigorously especially at the site of the bone graft.

This can make it painful or cause bleeding that will require emergency treatment.  We also recommend a regular check-up at our dental clinic so that our dentist can assess the success of the bone graft. If there are any complications with the bone graft, the dentist will treat them and provide pain relief if necessary. If you experience any pain following the procedure, ensure that you visit the dentist immediately.

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