How to land the best Beverly Hills Dentist?

Joel L Strom DDS MS

Although the search for a good dentist is an uphill task, the benefits are priceless. Chances are that you will stick with one dentist for a long time, which is why you shouldn’t rush into this decision. Any dentist Beverly Hills has will tell you that a considerable percentage of their clients are repeat customers, with some using the same dentist for over a decade. In the U.S. alone, 84.6% of children aged between 2 and 17 visited the dentist in 2016 while 64.4% of persons aged 18 – 64 and 64.3% of people aged 65 and above visited a dentist in the same year. With such a high frequency of dental visits, Beverly Hills-based Strom and Associates dentist recommends that you follow these tips to land yourself the best dental care.

Location and convenience

Before settling for one dentist, it is essential to evaluate how convenient the dentist’s office will be for you. First, make sure the office is located close to your place of residence or workplace. After finding candidates that operate within your locality, schedule an appointment to get more information about the convenience, e.g., can you schedule a visit over your lunch break, how well does the dentist keep their schedule, the level of professionalism, cordiality of front office staff and other logistical factors like office space. If you are looking in support of a pediatric dentist, one that works close to your kids’ school is convenient because you can schedule appointments after school.

Qualifications and associations

Needless to say, you have to find the best dentist Beverly Hills has to offer, meaning that he/ she should have the necessary qualifications. When you schedule an appointment, look for the medical diplomas on the wall indicating educational qualifications. At the minimum, the dentist should have finished undergraduate studies and followed it up with four years at a dental institution. Professional dentists like Strom and Associates encourage clients to ask about the years of experience or the total number of hours completed for a specific procedure. Additionally, you should ensure the dentist is a member of a professional association, e.g. the American Dentist Association (ADA) or the Los Angeles Dental Society.

Ask for referrals from friends and family

There is a reason most new patients that many a dentist Beverly Hills encounters is from a referral. When the dentist exceeds the patient’s expectations, the patient will recommend the dentist to their friends and coworkers. References are the best way to find a dentist although you should still go through the previous steps and ensure they are a good match. Another benefit of getting referrals is that you can get a good dentist that is proficient in the procedure you want to be done to be it cosmetic dentistry, sleep apnea treatment, dental implants, and other less common procedures. Finally, referrals help to avoid going to chain dentist offices where dentists have a quota for the number of patients they should treat in a day and therefore could have inflexible hours.

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