Dentistry procedures are undertaken by a general dentist

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Dentists are majorly concerned with dental care and treatment. With specialized dentists, however, there are many more cosmetic and treatment procedures that are available for any of your dental needs.

With new discoveries in cosmetic dentistry, more and more people are opting for a dentist Beverly Hills to get these procedures done to improve general appearance. However, general dentists are also of great help when it comes to dental health and wellbeing.

Some dental procedures are suitable for both dental cosmetics and dental treatment. Dr. Strom and Dr. Klein are one of the best dental offices in the city. They provide cosmetic dentistry and also various general dentistry procedures that are aimed at improving oral health and appearance.

Common general dentistry procedures

A large number of general dentistry procedures are meant for treatment purposes. However, these procedures can also provide a better look and appearance.

Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is one of the most common teeth treatment methods in oral health. In cases where the tooth is too infected or decayed and cannot be treated well, the dentist Beverly Hills may opt to remove the tooth thus eliminating the threat completely. Tooth extraction is usually easy for front teeth and premolars.

However, for impacted teeth and wisdom teeth which are strongly rooted in the gum, special surgical expertise may be required to remove the tooth. Tooth extraction is usually recommended for teeth that are aching too much, have a widespread infection, decayed through the enamel and into the root and teeth that are crowded.

You can consult Dr. Strom and Dr. Klein to plan an appointment and know whether your teeth need any extraction.


Tooth scaling refers to the removal of the overlying pigment on the surface of the tooth. This dental procedure is ideal for people who have yellow and discolored teeth.

Depending on the shade of your teeth, the dentist Beverly Hills will decide how long you will require scaling for and if home whitening methods are more suitable for your case.

The dentist uses a special bleaching solution on your teeth and uses it to remove the deposited materials on your teeth enamel. Scaling is usually done for the front teeth but can also be done for molars and other back teeth. 

Tooth filling

A tooth filling is also a common dental procedure in general dentistry. A tooth filling is normally applied in situations where the tooth has a deep cavity that is affecting tooth functioning. In worse cases, tooth decay can go deep into the tooth and affect the nerve thus causing tooth sensitivity.

Tooth sensitivity eventually causes difficulty in eating cold or hot foods. In the tooth filling procedure, the dentist first cleans out the entire cavity and ensures that no further infection is present on the tooth.

After this, he uses a special dental mixture and applies it to the tooth to fill the crevice left by the cavity. After this, the mixture is hardened and padded on top with dental cement to prevent any foreign objects from entering the tooth again. After that, the tooth becomes functional again.

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