Cosmetic dentistry Beverly Hills


Cosmetic dentistry Beverly Hills is used today to enhance the smiles of individuals through altering the appearance of broken, chipped, worn out, stained, misaligned and discolored teeth. The process of altering and enhancing the smile through the cosmetic dentistry procedures is usually referred to as the smile makeover. The cosmetic dentists at the Storm and Associates work hand in hand with the patient to determine the most appropriate procedure or combination of procedures that will be used to achieve the desired smile. Many different types of cosmetic dentistry procedures can be used.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the easiest and cheapest cosmetic dentistry procedure that can be used to enhance an individual’s smile. Teeth whitening can be done at home using prescribed bleaching agents, or it can be done at the dentist’s office. The most usually used bleaching method at home is the use of gels or mold which are purchased from the dentist’s office. Alternatively one can use products that are sold over the counter at retail stores or chemist such as Whitestrips, whitening toothpaste, and rinses.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin wafer-like shells that are custom made using resin or porcelain. They have a color similar to that of teeth and are used to cover the teeth’s front surface. The shell-like items are placed on the teeth to alter the appearance of the teeth concerning size, color, length, and shape. There is a process that is conducted to prepare the teeth for the attachment of the veneers in which the enamel is thinned by about half a millimeter. The veneers are then fixed on the front surface of the teeth using a special bonding glue. The dental veneers are often referred to as the “Hollywood teeth” due to their immaculate look and the high cost of getting them. The cost of getting a single veneer on one tooth can cost as much as $1,300!

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is the procedure used to alleviate dental conditions like cracked, misshapen, decayed and chipped teeth. This procedure is used alternatively with silver filling, teeth replacement or amalgam. The procedure involves the bonding of teeth with a plastic material that resembles a resin and is the color of teeth through the use of teeth bonding materials. The putty-like resin is made hard through the use of a laser or ultraviolet light. After attaching the material to the teeth, the dentist then polishes, shapes and trims it.

Dental Crown

The dental crown is the material or cap that is used to replace teeth that are damaged or decayed on top of the gum line. The dental crown will fit on the gum line hence altering the appearance of the teeth, shape, and size of the original teeth. They are an ideal way to keep a cracked tooth compact or prevent it from breaking further. In cosmetic dentistry Beverly Hills, the dental crowns are used to alter the appearance of extraordinarily stained or discolored teeth and that of misshapen teeth. Several materials such as resin, ceramic, metal and porcelain are used in constructing the dental crowns.

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