82% of children went to the dentist and utilized preventive services


We read quite often about the lack of dental care in the childhood population.

As reported in the Journal of the American Dental Association, fully 82% of children went to the dentist and utilized preventive services.

It has been, and remains, a concern that the segment of children growing up in poorer populations have numbers far below 82%.

In fact, reports by parents, relatives and caregivers point to a 76% utilization rate of children from households that are at less than the federal poverty level, while 80% of those from 100 – 200% of the poverty level have seen the dentist for preventive services.

A drop-off indeed, and we’d like to see 100% of all children see a dentist regularly, this is heartening.

Other surveys have shown similar numbers, some more than 82% and other a bit less.

Nonetheless, the dental profession strives to address the needs and concerns of children and their parents as best possible.  In urban areas, it is difficult to miss a dental office at some corner, a medical building or alongside a hospital.  In rural areas, finding a dentist may be a bit more difficult.  Either way, if you have trouble finding a dentist for your child, ask your pediatrician, nurse practitioner, pharmacist or other healthcare professional for a referral.

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